None Calls for Justice

IMG_1462In May of  2015 Grenada will for the first time be showing as a Country Pavillion in the Venice Biennale. We are thrilled. I am one of the artists exhibiting. We would like to use this big stage to use our small voice, and to ask you to speak up, too. None calls for Justice The world events of terror attacks on Artists in France have shown tremendous concern for the cause of free speech. Millions gathered in the streets to show solidarity with the 17 victims of the attacks. At the same time, in Nigeria, it is reported that over 2000 people have been killed by an internal organization, with indiscriminate slaughter to advance their cause. These deaths are only the follow up to the kidnapping of hundreds of young girls, stealing their future. Then we learned the bombing of a market using a ten your old child as the transport mechanism for the transport mechanism. Who protest this? Who says this is unacceptable? Who calls for justice? Who lays flowers in the street and lights a candle for remembrance? The installation presented is just that—a call to remember. The artist will lay clothes on the ground to represent the people laying in the streets seen in pictures in the media. A wreath will sit beside it, flowers, candles, also as seen in the media as remembrances in France. The installation will be of variable size, bur approximately 5 meters by 15 meters. It will be inside the Cloister of Sala Tiziano.

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Click to see pics of Sala Tiziano in Venice The clothing will lay there for the seven months, exposed to rain and sun, showing the decay. The installation also speaks to memory, how specific things when out of our sight we so easily forget. Fellow artists, I would like to ask you to join me in this project. I would like you to create a similar memorial where you live. Preferably in a public space to draw attention, but I know in some countries this is not possible. Even if its one pair of pants and one shirt and one candle, it would create an interest, a spark, and perhaps draw attention to Nigeria and the on going crisis. Then take some pictures of your installation, by itself, with people, however you choose. I will then include your pictures and information on this website for the project, and in a book of remembrance that will be at the pavilion in Venice. An artist said to me a lot of years ago, when no one else speaks up, it is the responsibility of the artist to say something. Together, let us raise our voice. If you are willing to participate, please let me know as soon as possible.  No deadline, but the opening of the Grenada Pavilion for  56th Venice Biennale is May 6th, 2015. We will continue to add your images and statements to the website.  By sending me your images and text, you agree to have them shown here on this website. We will never use them for commercial purposes.  Simple. Send me an email. None Calls for Justice

UPDATE!   Now the killing of the students in Kenya–it hasn’t even been a week, and no more news in the international press.  Wherever lives are lost, it is a blow to humanity, both to the victims and the aggressor.


3 thoughts on “None Calls for Justice

  1. Hi susan,
    I am were happy to see you and Grenada coming out so far, how about Richard? He does not participate?
    I hope I can come to Venice and will be happy to meet you there .
    I am wonderig if you remember me, I made paperart and we exhibited together “Art and Music.”
    all the best


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