“All lives matter”

 Artist Suelin Low Chew Tung

25 October 1983...lest we forget (1)25 October 1983… lest we forget

In October 2013, I invited persons to bring a candle in a jar to the park at the foot of the oldest structure in Grenada, Fort George, to form a memorial to the ones who lost their lives that day 30 years prior – within the walls of the fort (then named Fort Rupert), jumping from the parapets to escape being shot – as well as the souls still unaccounted for and their loved ones who remain behind. These jars were added to a series of jars I painted with groups of people to reference those unaccounted for.

One survivor of that day came to the event with her grandchildren. She was on vacation in Grenada, and heard about this event, and decided to bring her grandchildren to see the actual place from where she had jumped. She told the small gathering the story of her experience of that day, of the many hands helping her and other up and over the parapet, and how her fall was cushioned by tens of bodies caught on the rocks beneath.

Her words and the words of others at the event, were transcribed onto sheets of painted recycled acetate, and transformed into lanterns.

Suelin Low Chew Tung
Independent Artist
Sans Souci, St George’s, GRENADA


25 October 1983...lest we forget (2) 25 October 1983...lest we forget (3)

Raise your voice too, find out how here None calls for justice.


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